Improve your government's efficiency and trust

Powered by top technology, OS City transforms your
government into a platform of digital services

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Innovate without risks

Our technology has already demonstrated impact


Connect with people

Use artificial intelligence to detect constituents' needs and concerns

Boost your impact

Gain government-wide perspective to improve your decision-making

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Improve the life of your citizens

Detect city needs integrating, managing, and securing massive amounts of data to build a resilient and sustainable city while fostering an inclusive urban growth

Increase control and convenience

Avoid data silos gaining a city-wide perspective to achieve minimal response times and effective inter-agency operations bridging the right people at the right time for the right actions

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Innovate without political risks

Regain public trust, reduce corruption and bribery, increase transparency and promote an accountable decision-making with proven technology that can be deployed today

Why governments trust OS City

We aim to reduce the struggle of government proffesionals who operate
within limited budget and plenty of tech-driven offers


Fostering city-innovation transfer through the integration of technological solutions that have already demonstrated positive impact for a safer government modernization


Flexible pricing advantages, leveraging modular technology creation, curation and reuse to bundle solutions as needed and lower development and implementation costs


Pioneering AI & Blockchain using government’s unique data to speed-up the next generation of smart cities and governance models within a faster exponential technology deployment

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Recapture revenues

About 20% of government's revenues go missing each year. Recapture these losses by digitally connecting your organization and bridging your data silos using digital services.

Raise productivity

$3.5 trillion dollars a year, are estimated to be saved by increasing government worker productivity. Eliminate maze-like processes and cut out unnecessary middlemen using blockchain technology.

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Increase satisfaction

Constituent satisfaction is below half that of non-state providers, and 87% of government workers indicate that their technology does not meet their needs. Make their lives easier understanding how they feel using artificial intelligence.

Meet The Govstore

An award-winning platform made up of the best technologies for government

Cloud Modules
Artificial Intelligence

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General Asked Questions

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