City Manager

Start your government modernization today using an open-source platform based on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cloud technologies

Use Cases


Its modular architecture allows you to cherry-pick proven technologies to innovate fast according to your priorities

City Listener

Connect massive amounts of data, from city hotlines to social media and sensors, and accelerate your effectiveness and citizen's convenience


Trust & Transparency

Regain public trust, increase transparency and promote a more informed decision-making for an inclusive and smarter growth


Open Urbanism

Tell the story of urbanization, notifying your citizens and tapping into their knowledge for a more collaborative and open urbanization


More apps

Forget about development costs, its open design gives you continuous access to more solutions

Use Cases


Anytime, anywhere, any device

Embrace the mobile mind shift and be everywhere. Let us serve your mobile savvy platform using the most powerful, reliable, efficient and fully managed cloud

Automatic improvement

Gain greater insights over time using pre-trained machine learning models that help you to spot the angry citizen, spatial spending patterns, city needs, and more

Safe & Trustworthy

Enjoy exceptional security and performance on one of the most healthy and reliable cloud data centers in the world at industry-leading costs and guaranteed uptime

Open Source

Easy to connect your existing solutions and to have continuous access to new and better software apps curated by a global community

Driven by Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

Situational intelligence

Leverage our symphony of multiple data sources living along with your diverse data streams to suit a smarter decision-making

Language processing

Assess public sentiment and parse intent from conversations, classify documents automatically and discover historical trends

Image recognition

Deepen on the expanding content of photos and videos to understand content, classify images, detect objects, texts, faces and more

Blockchain Technology

Infuse trust into the AI, adding traceability and transparency with tamper-proof records for a better procurement, budgeting, contracting, subsidies delivery, and certificates

Your platform can be cloud deployed today and be ready to go from zero to city-scale

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