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bahia blanca, argentina

leading the fight against corruption becoming the 1st city in latin america to make a blockchain real implementation for securing arts and culture subsidies

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regaining trust and reducing red tape and corruption by using blockchain to generate tamper-proof records in public procurement, contracting and energy

teresina, brazil

pioneering the creation of a more convenient mass transit by digitizing stakeholders data and using Blockchain for more trustworthy records to improve decision-making and fees

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san nicolas, mexico

leapfrogging to the most secure digital documents using the blockchain to license liquor selling and issue construction permits with unprecedented transparency and auditability

upso, argentina

the universidad provincial del sudoeste in a huge modernization leap, became the first university in argentina to certify diplomas on the blockchain

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antai, panama

transparency has never been more proactive and trustworthy. requests are now powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence to respond in time and make responses tamper-proof

quepos and grecia, costa rica

these 2 municipalities have changed the way they issued, controlled and verified commercial permits and liquor licences, empowering issuers, inspectors and citizens with tamper-proof, blockchain-based credentials

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rio negro, argentina

fraud in public lotteries is a widespread problem across the world. the "rionegrina" public lottery became the first public lottery in iberoamerica to become fraud-proof by issuing winners records as blockchain verifiable credentials

la rabida, spain

today it's way more reliable to trust a blockchain digital record than a digital signature or a scanned pdf. this is what the sustainability observatory in la rabida is starting to use as a message on how important sustainability commitments are for nations, signing commitments in this technology

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