a new, digital identity

make your government services go digital and personalize them through a new citizen digital identity

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blockchain: the trust machine

a promising a path towards increasing the legitimacy of governments and democracy

blockchain citizen digital identity

citizen digital identity is the internet version of the physical identity of a person. this tool works as a virtual document-holder or digital wallet where you as a government can give your citizens any official document eliminating the need for citizens or government workers to repeat the same procedures multiple times or delivering the same information over and over again. some benefits on giving your citizens a digital identity include:

- faster and interoperable service delivery
- better experience in government procedures
- increased security and convenience
- reduced costs and time
- new online revenue streams

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blockchain verifiable credentials

in contrast with traditional databases, blockchain saves data through a consensus. once consensus is achieved, data automatically becomes fraud-proof and irreversibly recorded in a block. this is what makes blockchains “trust machines” because once data is written on a block, it’s impossible to commit fraud. reinforcing government’s efficiency and trust. aligning this data validation with open international standards allows for any digital document to become fraud-proof and easily verifiable by anyone. some benefits on giving your citizens verifiable credentials include:

- digitizing government services in a simple, efficient and secure way
- 4-step one-button verification for authenticity, expiration, revocation and tampering
- friendly rendering of official documents with increased portability
- selective data disclosure for privacy protection

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as a platform

giving your citizens verifiable credentials and citizen digital identity, is making a dent in the reinvention of your government, a clear path towards your institutional reform and governments’ legitimacy. this is your best chance to make your strategy for continuous digitization, starting with os city but opening you a limitless roadmap towards the continuous access of more and better solutions. For now, beyond credentials and identity, we offer you the following additional modules.

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additional modules

city listener

there's tons of data that you're missing about your public spaces, let's capture all that digital value and make it actionable.

promise tracker

resulting as a collaboration with the open government partnership, this module is a simple way for your non-technical personnel to be able to constantly publish the advancements in campaign promises, initiatives and public commitments.

public works

funded by the idb for the city of buenos aires, this module is an integrated open-source repository for you to regain control and transparency when it comes to public spending in constructions, repairs and social support.


contact us we'll teach you to create more modules in our open source platform.



situational intelligence

leverage our symphony of multiple data sources living along with your diverse data streams to suit a smarter decision-making


sentiment analysis

assess public sentiment and parse intent from conversations, classify documents automatically and discover historical trends


computer vision

deepen on the expanding content of photos and videos to understand content, classify images, detect objects, texts, faces and more


predictive intelligence

learn how to spot the angry constituent, spatial spending patterns, city needs, and more for a proactive decision-making


verifiable certifications

secure, tamper-proof and interoperable digital records to infuse trust into procurement, budgeting, contracting, permits, and many more


unprecedented security

use blockchain to transform the way you exchange documents fostering open standards to ensure the longevity and interoperability of your records

easy to customize

turn modules on and off and set-up your brand without the need for a dev team


super fast

low level, world-class infrastructure as a service for optimal availability

cloud upload

serve to any device, anywhere and anytime from one of the best clouds

fast integrations

integrate with existing systems for extended interoperability breaking data silos

100% trustworthy

internal housekeeping services managing data security and monitoring performance

open source

improve it yourself or just enjoy the continuous access to new and better modules

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