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Guadalupe, Mexico

Increased citizen participation by 24x, while taking its time to respond from 2 weeks average to immediate answer

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Tlalnepantla, Mexico

Pioneering a way to better understand the impact of public budgeting, resulted in going from 84th to 1st rank in public service delivery

Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Leading the fight against corruption becoming the 1st city in Latin America to make a Blockchain real implementation for securing arts and culture subsidies

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Chile’s National Government

Regaining trust and reducing red tape and corruption by using Blockchain to generate tamper-proof records in public procurement, contracting and energy

Teresina, Brazil

Pioneering the creation of a more convenient mass transit by digitizing stakeholders data and using Blockchain for more trustable records to improve decision-making and fees

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Adopting the data-driven philosophy to better deliver action and become more accountable and transparent


Empowering NGOs to embrace a data-driven, standard approach to measure local governments' performance

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San Nicolás, Mexico

Leapfrogging to the most secure digital documents using the blockchain to license liquor selling and issue construction permits with unprecedented transparency and auditability

UPSO, Argentina

The Universidad Provincial del Sudoeste in a huge modernization leap, became the first university in Argentina to certify diplomas on the blockchain

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