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Every time you use OS City, there's something new. Modules, features, tools, and security — we're constantly adding more value to make your platform work better for you.

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Data-driven, verifiable cities

Join the next generation of smart cities and governance models with 3 simple steps


Choose your modules, set your brand and you're ready !


Invite your government workers using an email account


Let your platform improve automatically as you use it

Fast-track modernization

Its modular architecture allows you to cherry-pick proven technologies to innovate fast
with plug-n-play software modules that match to your priorities

Easy to Customize

Turn modules on and off and set-up your brand without the need for a dev team


Super Fast

Low level, world-class infrastructure as a service for optimal availability

Cloud Upload

Serve to any device, anywhere and anytime from one of the best clouds

Fast Integrations

Integrate with existing systems for extended interoperability breaking data silos

100% Secure

Internal housekeeping services managing data security and monitoring performance

Open Source

Improve it yourself or just enjoy the continuous access to new and better modules

Existing Modules

Modular services are continuously getting better and growing in number,
expanding your possibilities to become a fully digital government

City Listener

Improve efficiency using artificial intelligence to better understand your constituents, connect massive amounts of data, from city hotlines to social media and sensors, and accelerate your effectiveness and citizen convenience.

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Trust & Transparency

Improve accuracy relative to traditional decision-making, boost public impact, regain public trust and strengthen social fabric, and foster a more inclusive and smarter growth boosting local economies.

Open Urbanism

Better plan your urban development, foster an inclusive urbanization inviting citizens for meaningful participation, and tap into constituents’ knowledge for a more collaborative and open collaboration.

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Blockchain Certificates

Secure, control and monitor critical data, permits, licenses and certificates like never before. Leapfrog digitization and go straight to the most transparent, portable and interoperable digital certificates.

Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

Gain greater insights over time using pre-trained algorithms and let your platform
improve its accuracy automatically


Situational Intelligence

Leverage our symphony of multiple data sources living along with your diverse data streams to suit a smarter decision-making


Sentiment Intelligence

Assess public sentiment and parse intent from conversations, classify documents automatically and discover historical trends


Visual Intelligence

Deepen on the expanding content of photos and videos to understand content, classify images, detect objects, texts, faces and more


Predictive Intelligence

Learn how to spot the angry constituent, spatial spending patterns, city needs, and more for a proactive decision-making


Verifiable Certifications

Secure, tamper-proof and interoperable digital records to infuse trust into procurement, budgeting, contracting, permits, and many more


Unprecedented Security

Use blockchain to transform the way you exchange documents fostering open standards to ensure the longevity and interoperability of your records

What are you waiting ?

It can be deployed today and be ready to go from zero to city-scale with the most helpful features, the newest modules, and the latest tools.

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