Foster a data-driven, verified city using an open-source platform based on Blockchain to publish critical data and certify government operations

Use Cases

Blockchain Certificates

Leapfrog digitization and go straight to the most secure, transparent, portable, and interoperable digital certificates

Verifiable Certifications

Singletally certificates can be issued by any institution. Already-existing databases can automate the screening of records in a universal, instant verification process that works with many platforms.

Easy Shareability

Community-driven open, interoperable standard that doesn’t need to depend on a third party, like a software vendor, to be verified. Bring joy to both the ones who issue the certificates and to the certificate recipients.

Tamper Proof

Securely store your digital certificates, which could ultimately include training certificates, diplomas and degrees, construction or liquor licenses, tax compliance certificates, and many other credentials.

Unprecedented Security

Work atop any blockchain - the distributed ledger technology (DLT) behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin - to transform the way we exchange digital records

Use Cases

Open Standards

Foster the MIT Blockcerts Open Standard to ensure the longevity and interoperability of your digital records

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Driven by Blockchain


Tamper proof, unhackable records and no information asymmetries


Authentication, encryption, authorization and auditing


Free from third-parties, distributed and interoperable


Credible disclosure technology with universal availability

Your platform can be cloud deployed today and be ready to go from zero to city-scale

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