Our team is built by PhDs, masters and experts in artificial intelligence, robotics, data science, political science and economics. We've been trained at Singularity University in NASA, leading the implementation of emerging technologies for government. We are an active participant of the World Economic Forum, the Organization of American States and the Open Source communities. We believe that exponential technologies and the 4IR are more than trends, they are our tools to ensure an inclusive and sustainable future of cities.


Blanca López
Senior Data Developer

Blanch is a Computer Scientist. Passionate about handling data and our lead singer

Pamela Martínez
Senior Data Developer

Pam is our powerful combination of love for math, computers, her dog and italian lessons

José Medina
Senior Software Engineer

Chepe is a Systems Engineer. He's our full-stack master leading our core platform development

Jaime Malváez
Senior Designer & UX

James is a Graphic Designer. He is our specialist in the look and feel of our data platforms

Omar Hoyos
Junior Software Engineer

Omar is our machine learning and cybersecurity enthusiast. He leads as a keyboard player

Ivan Castelan
Junior Software Engineer

Ivan is our Blockchain enthusiast. He's our second voice and greatest tacos hunter


Damasia Bohtlingk
Head of Sustainability

Damasia is our Business Strategist, passionate about bridging blockchain and new technologies with climate change challenges

Jesús Del Bosque
Head of Innovation

Del Bosque is our Master in Intelligent Systems. He boosts our curiosity pouring his tech passions into software products

Alecs Garza
Head of Data

Alecs is our Digital Information Master. He keeps us effective and accountable by glueing data-driven strategies and metrics

Lucas Jolias
Head of Business Dev

Lucas is our political scientist specialized in smart cities and good governance. He speaks fluent technology and politics

Alejandro Prince
Head of Marketing

Alejandro is our director of institutional relations and marketing. He excels in economics and politics, ICT trends and business

Chuy Cepeda
Head of OS City

Chuy is our expontentials enthusiast and PhD in AI & Robotics. He makes us believe that we're gonna transform current governance models


Teo Tijerina

Teo is our specialist in capital formation, business development, corporate management, and company growth

Robert Muggah

Robert is our specialist in cities, cybersecurity, migration, data-driven safety, justice, climate change and new technologies